Where we’re at with designing an Office of Technology and Innovation for London


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Understanding how digital London’s public services are

FutureGov, along with Arup and Stance, have been asked by the GLA and partners to scope out a London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI). Over the last four weeks, we’ve been looking at best practice from around the world to find out what makes a great smart city and how this can be applied to London. We’ve also been developing a Digital Maturity Assessment that will help us understand how London boroughs are harnessing digital in their day-to-day work and what could help them go further.

To design brilliant digital services for citizens, London will require visionary leadership, an inventive culture and new ways of working — all supported by the best in digital technology. It is crucial that we design a LOTI with a thorough understanding of London’s digital readiness and ambition for the future, building on current great practice, replicating cutting edge examples and supporting invention where needed.

Discovery: finding out what London needs from a LOTI

We’re deep in discovery right now, which means we’re speaking to lots of digital leaders and similar offices from around the world. As well as benchmarking London against the global stage we’re also designing a model to assess the digital maturity of London boroughs. This will help us understand the needs of London based on where they are in relation to digital right now.

We understand that surveys alone will not give us the detailed picture we need for this. We are therefore using a combination of surveys, to get a broad view of the standing of digital services across London, and workshops and interviews, which will provide the colour and depth crucial to understanding what LOTI will need to do for London.


It is important for us to get a broad overview of the digital maturity of different departments. For this reason, we decided to target our surveys at different sections of council, splitting them into an “organisational view”; “service view” and “systems view”. The surveys will help answer key questions on plans for service transformation, technology and digital capability development throughout the organisation. We really want to get a view of the biggest corporate challenges as well as things like technology adoption, governance and (digital) organisational culture.

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